Summer Moving Tips

Living in the Phoenix Valley is a pleasant experience most of the year. But, when the summer weather hits, taking precautions against the heat, for family, the movers and possessions involved will assure that things--and people--arrive at the new home in good shape. Some necessary precautions are listed below.

Cool both locations

While we move your possessions, it leaves you free to move the more sensitive a precious cargo to the new home.

While we move your possessions, it leaves you free to move the more sensitive a precious cargo to the new home.

Before the move, make sure both places have the a/c turned on if it’s a local move. It’s even worth a special trip before moving the possessions to go over to the new place and turn on the A/C. Avoid the temptation to only have utilities on in one place at a time, as both homes need to be cool during the move.

If the new house doesn’t have window coverings, make drapes or shutters a high priority item. Uncovered windows let a lot of heat into the home and are a security hazard.

Avoid overheating family members

Anyone who lives in the home who has a delicate constitution should plan to spend the day somewhere else. Youngsters and seniors are much more susceptible to heat exhaustion than healthy adults, so they should be tucked away somewhere safe.

The same holds true for all pets. They should be secured away from the move and never left in a hot car for any amount of time.

Timing is crucial

The best times to move are when it’s too early or too late in the day for the most intense heat of the day. The caveat of this is that sometimes traffic gets an early start, and it’s best not to get stuck in a high traffic situation if at all possible, especially vehicles which are loaded down with household items, which tends to be hard on the car anyway, and worse in high temperature, stop-and-go traffic.


Moving boxes, loading, unloading and cleaning is strenuous work. It’s crucial that any helpers you gather have access to cold drinks at both locations. Moving can involve unforeseen circumstances, which can sometimes keep one or more helpers away from the cooler if there is only one.

Care of appliances

If the refrigerator is part of the move, special handling is required because of the oil and other fluids which allow the unit to function correctly. Other appliances can also have delicate components and should be handled appropriately.

Heat damage

Some items need to be handled differently than the bulk of the possessions. Here are some to watch for, and the list should be adjusted to fit individual circumstances:

  • All food and beverages (even plastic water bottle will release BPA if left in the heat)

  • Medications

  • Candles

  • Electronics

  • Media (other than books)

  • Art supplies and paint, including crayons,

  • Art and furniture which have been treated with heat-sensitive components (such as wax).

Reserve a truck and hire an experienced crew

Summer is the busiest time of year for moves and movers, which means movers and moving trucks and trailers on in high demand. Be sure to reserve a moving company and other moving needs well in advance so the move will go smoothly.

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