Furniture Delivery for Small Retail Businesses

One of the services we offer is statewide home and office delivery for furniture, sports equipment, and other items. Offering delivery is a necessary evil for furniture stores, but our experts can handle the actual delivery of the furniture. Here are the reasons small retail sales businesses partner with us to provide delivery service:

To avoid distractions

Our smiling, uniformed staff will make your delivery problems disappear.

Our smiling, uniformed staff will make your delivery problems disappear.

When a company is in the retail business, money is made on the showroom floor. Anything which detracts from attention to sales is reducing focus from the activities which provide potential profit. Hassling with delivery means personnel aren't actively pursuing sales or helping customers select merchandise. While your people sell, our people can deliver.

Saves expenses

If a business has an in-house delivery service, they are compelled to bear the cost involved in keeping a company truck in working order. This consists of juggling sold and unsold merchandise, managing storage and schedules, and retaining staff who are in uniform, background checked and reliable. By partnering with us, these problems are no longer a concern.

Customer satisfaction

While not all furniture stores have the fiscal resources to engage the vehicle, storage, personnel, and equipment for delivery, they may still need to provide delivery services to keep customers happy. We can help! By hiring us to manage your product distribution, your customers get the best results with the least amount of stress on your end.

Our trained, professional delivery personnel offer specific unique qualifications which make them good candidates. They have to be strong enough to deal with heavy items around tight corners and up stairs. They need to have assembly skills. They also need to be friendly and personable to customers, some of whom can be anxious or demanding. Above all, they must always be willing to represent you in a way that brings you pride and makes the customer want to buy from you again and again. Because having an employee with such qualifications is difficult for a furniture store, we have taken the task of finding valuable employees with the right skills to represent even the most discriminating establishment.


Since we are on the delivery side, including trucks, storage, and delivery people, we have contingency plans for the usual potential mishaps. These are much easier for us to deal with because we manage them all the time. For example, it's easy for us to manage uneven delivery schedules. Our experience ensures excellent service for your customers!

If you have a small furniture business and are interested in partnering with us to provide delivery service, why not give us a call to talk about the details? Working together, we can save you the headaches on the delivery end and provide your customers with white glove delivery.

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